Matty T Wall – Birthday bash at The Ellington


Join Matty T Wall and his EXPLOSIVE partners in crime, Ric Whittle and Stephen Walker on drums and bass to celebrate what has been a HUGE 2019 with an epic birthday bash for Matty at the one and only Ellington Jazz Club, featuring jams with Trevor Jalla and others.  After just launching his Transpacific Blues Vol.1 album, Matty has been getting reviews like:  Australian guitarist Matty T Wall raises the bar so high I doubt there are many that can reach it. This is great.”
“This is a shit-hot blues guitar extravaganza blowout.”

That is what you can expect from a Matty T Wall show and he wants you to join him for the party, a few choice cocktails, some great pizzas, energetic music and audio shenanigans, dancing on tables and general awesomeness.

Happy Birthday Matty…….

……you comin?

7pm till late

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