Twin Cities FM review – Northshore Tavern show


Thanks to Bill Crowe at Twin Cities FM for offering this review of the latest show at the Northern Blues’n’Roots Club of WA:

“Whilst the food service at the North Short tavern left a bad taste in many punters mouths the line up of performers certainly did not.

The highlight of the evening was an unassuming three piece; MattyTWall & his band. Heads down and power on max they started the night off with a rambunctious “Slide Ride 65” that even took the sound system by surprise throwing it into convulsions. The boys were just warming up.

After another original “Can’t Stop Thinkin” the audience were starting to move from mesmerisation to syncopation. I enjoyed their relaxed unrushed demeanour which to me is the sign of polished entertainers.

MattyTWall has a big future in the local music scene. If him and the lads could get a CD together with covers and a few originals that can catch an ear or two they could hit the Australian and international markets real soon.”

Bill Crowe, Twin Cities FM

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